Safety tips keep in mind while using wood chipper shredder

Using a wood chipper shredder, like with any machinery especially ones with blades that cut sharply, safety considerations are critically important. There’s no doubt that using a electric wood chipper to produce wood chips is the most productive way to do so.

Here is how to stop injuries from occurring when using a wood chipper shredder:

Observe Safety by Wearing Safety Gear

Wood chippers aren’t quiet. They make quite a sound while chewing through branches and turning them into wood chips. When using this type of machine all day, you should be wearing earplugs to protect your ear drums from damage. You do not want to get tinnitus when you’re older! Buy quality branded earplugs from 3M or another reputable company.

An eye mask to protect your eyes from getting wood splinters in is very important too. The splinters can be tiny or larger than expected. It could cause irritation or serious, irreparable damage to the iris preventing future clear sight when operating a wood chipper unprotected.electric wood chipper

Also, wear boots with steel reinforced protection. The steel in the boots protects the toes and the rest of each foot from a tree limb falling on top of the boot and breaking the foot. Lastly, don’t wear loose clothing that could get caught in the chipper.

Location, Location, Location

A wood chipper is made to cut through the limbs of trees and tree branches. It is not intended to chop through metal, building materials, plastic, or manufactured wood products like planks of wood of a specific length.

A chipper only accepts branches up to a certain size and is likely to get jammed if trying to feed it oversized limbs. The engine could become damaged if trying to feed in a larger diameter tree branch than the machine was made to handle. Check the specifications to know the limitations of your chipper.

Perform Maintenance Safely

Before doing anything near the chipper, you must turn it off and disconnect it from the power outlet. Do not leave the plug in where someone could come along and turn it on unexpectedly.

When you’re trying to dislodge a branch that’s gotten jammed, ensure the power is off first. Also, do not ever put your hands near the feeder to push a wooden branch with pure force because you could put too much force into it and suddenly find your hands going directly into the chipper chute without intending to do so.

Also, be aware that even when a chipper has been turned off, the machinery inside is still turning and capable of cutting. You have to wait for the internal machinery to come to a complete stop even when the power has been cut because momentum is being worked off. Do not access the machine until that process has completed its cycle.

Kids-free Zone

It doesn’t matter how old your children are, they do not understand the danger of a wood chipper until it is too late. Whether that’s from curious hands going where they shouldn’t or wood chips causing cuts to their face or injuring their eyes because they’re not wearing protective gear. Keep children completely away from the area where the wood chipper is being used and give them appropriate warnings that it is a no-go area.