My Television Journey Towards Racial Education
Posted on February 15, 2014
In the last few weeks, I have been watching some old American comedy series and I have to say that at this point, I completely see the reason why the world , not just America, needed to see the emergence of a serial like The Cosby Show. Before then, the only image the world had seen of a black man ( not just a black american man, but any black man) was of a man who was completely incapable of being a combination of rich, happy, polite, cultured and educated. There was only a certain way a black man could be and that was bitter, rude, sarcastic, poor, perpetually angry, unloving, uneducated, uncouth and uncultured.

Take the Jeffersons for example. They were what the English aristocrats call "new money" and because they were so unused to having money, Mr. Jefferson wanted to spend it all at once and strut like a peacock as he did it while Mrs Jefferson wanted to save it all at once. Once when Mr. Jefferson wanted to employ a maid, Mr. Jefferson nearly gave herself a heart attack with worry. On any good day, she reminds her audience of how dirt poor she used to be, just so the new image of a rich black woman didnt stick too look in their heads.

Then there were the Sanfords of Sanford and Son. These very uncouth father and son duo co owned a scrap shop and spent the better part of any working day not actually working but taking hurtful verbal swipes at each other and generally cursing their ill luck at having been thrown together into one family. Both father and son called each other rude names which usually bounced off their shirt sleeves and fell to the floor without any indication that the words had the strength to actually penetrate their black hearts and cause any sort of emotional pain.

Perhaps the most popular of these shows was Good Times. That depicted a family so poor that the parent's normal everyday face was a frowning one. Both mum and dad carried it around everywhere and somehow managed to make it look like it was ok to be that angry at the world. The kids had tongues as sharp as razors and constantly used them to slash each other's feelings to bits. They spoke in very high tones to each other and constantly appeared to be screaming out their words even when sitting right next to each other.

Then just as you would think things couldn't get more clichéd than that, along comes Mr. Drummond of the Different Strokes fame. He being white ( and of course generous and educated and kind and thoughtful and helpful and rich) braves all the odds and adopts not one but two poor black orphans whose parents were so mean that they both died and left them all alone in the world. The kind (and white ) Mr. Drummond of course owns a very big house complete with a maid (remember Mrs. Jefferson who was twice as rich but who still couldn't bear the thought of letting her money work for her?) who also being white and kind and generous dots on these little black orphans. Watching only those kind of shows, any white person could be forgiven for believing that the African black man, the brother to this bitter, uncultured, angry and rude American black man, resided in trees and swung around the neighbourhood like Tarzan.
And then comes the rude awakening. Enter The Huxtables! A spousal duo of a very successful doctor husband whose practice was mainly populated by white folk and a H..H..Hot wife who happened to be a very successful lawyer and mother of 5 beautiful kids. Now Dr. Huxtable is not only rich and successful, he is every woman's dream of what a husband should be and every child's dream of what a father should be. These two people single handedly took the hands of the compass and forcefully turned it away from the direction of the bitter , angry and poor black family with rude children and pointedly pointed, (couldn't resist the pun) it at the rich, loving, successful , happy and educated family with children who not only respected their parents but each other as well. Purchase } rosa implex pvt ltd Pills Cheap Cheap how much luvox for ocd Pills

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