Entrenching a balanced democracy
Posted on August 10, 2014
Check-and-balance is vital to the health of a democracy. This should exist not only in the independence of the three arms of government – the executive, the legislature, and the judiciary; but also in having two equally strong political parties. One recent example of the benefit of having two strong parties is the fact that both PDP and APC are now wooing Nuhu Ribadu in Adamawa state. Contemplating a strong fight from the other, both parties recognise the need for having a credible candidate to maximise chances of winning the upcoming gubernatorial election to replace the recently impeached governor. online

In this regard, the APC brought hope to many Nigerians who were wary of the strong hold the PDP has in determining political outcomes. In many places, being anointed as the PDP candidate, often through an opaque selection process, is as good as winning the election.

However, the APC’s lacklustre performance in a number of contests made people begin to wonder if APC is the counter to the PDP they have been hoping for. First was the Anambra election which they narrowly lost to APGA, then Ekiti where an incumbent APC governor lost to PDP in what would be expected to be an APC strong hold, then Adamawa through Nyako's impeachment and the cross carpeting of local politicians to PDP.

APC has recently managed to stem their losses by winning the election in Osun and stifling the impeachment process in Nassarawa. Before the APC gets caught up in the euphoria of their recent successes and begin to believe victory in 2015 is assured, they should pause and consider the uphill battle still ahead of them. Truth is that the APC is between a rock and a hard place when it comes to choice of a presidential candidate. Whatever choice they come out with they are bound to alienate a section of the populace. However, some choices will have better chance of delivering an upset against the PDP than others. The APC leaders therefore need to carefully consider the political chess board as they approach their convention.

One sure thing is that the South East and South South will vote for GEJ en-bloc in 2015. This is only natural given that it ensures that their “turn to chop” is not prematurely truncated. Similarly, under reasonably fair elections, the North West and North East will massively vote against GEJ in protest of his government’s inability to tackle the violence in their region while also marginalising them at the centre. The South West and North Central will be the tie breakers and APC needs to think hard about how to swing these regions in its favour. A Muslim-Muslim ticket as some are touting will alienate Christians in North Central and potentially Christians in the South West as well. In politics sentiments run stronger than logic, so recounting the success of the Abiola-Kingibe, Muslim-Muslim ticket will not work in the current atmosphere.

One bold move the APC could consider is pairing a Yoruba Muslim like Fashola with an equally progressive Northern Christian. In Fashola, they will have a progressive high performing governor who will appeal to professionals across the country; a Yoruba man who can garner support from the South West; a Muslim who will be a preferable alternative for the North West and North East. His running mate should be influential enough to pull together Northern Christians, and accommodating enough to not threaten Northern Muslims. More importantly, he should be someone who can ultimately champion reconciliation between the various warring Muslim-Christian factions in the North. Such a combination is likely to also appeal to the Western world who are not thrilled with Jonathan’s performance while at the same time being uncomfortable with a Northern Muslim president. Such a ticket will offer the APC the greatest chance against a determined incumbent and ultimately deliver to Nigerians the political choice that they deserve.

For this to happen, Northern politicians need to be willing to subordinate their personal ambition in the interest of moving Nigeria forward and wrestling it from the clutches of incompetence. The risk of four more years of a government that is unable to protect them from Boko Haram is weightier than the prospect of going eight more years without controlling power at the centre. What is more important for ordinary citizens of the North is security and good governance particularly at State and Local Government level. Northern APC politicians should therefore focus on enthroning people who will champion good governance in their region.

If only the politicians will be realistic enough to make this wise choice then maybe there will be hope for APC. But will individuals be willing to subordinate their ambition for the greater good? Buy }} else { femara cost ireland cheap generic viagra soft pills http://www.pablogodoy.cl/?p=1263 Pills http://danielhainsworth.com/?p=612 Order Purchase

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